Darla - Creaturebox
Zachary hixson darlacompletegbg

My (post) final submission to the challenge. A buddy at work highly recommended using color in the background to make the image pop more. He was totally right and so I took his advice for this final final image meant for Artstation.

Zachary hixson darlawalrusconcept

This is the Creaturebox concept. I think I got pretty close, but now that I'm looking at it again all kinds of little things are sticking out. Like, I think I made the ears too large.

Zachary hixson darlacomplete

This is the image I submitted to the challenge. Really happy with the result, but the gray background doesn't do Darla many favors. To color it, I took various matcaps from ZBrush and overlaid them in Photoshop. Very happy with the result!

Zachary hixson darlaturnaround

Final Sculpt

Zachary hixson blockouttofinal

Blockout to Finished

This is my entry to a 3D Character Workshop challenge where we were instructed to pick a concept from CreatureBox and create it with ZBrush. I chose this little one named Darla. ...at least I think her name is Darla. The Creaturebox concept (I believe it was an Inktober sketch) said something like, "Darla something something a walrus something," and while this could totally be a demon space walrus Stitch who is thinking about eating Lilo, for whatever reason I kept tagger her with the name Darla. So, uh, Darla!
2019 is off to a good start. Time to start, and FINISH the next project!