Forest Book - May/June Polycount Environment Art Challenge

Polycount May/June Prop Challenge - Forest Book

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This is the provided concept art for the challenge.

Zachary hixson book blockout 005

3ds Max Blockout

Zachary hixson render

High poly done in 3D Coat.

Zachary hixson bake 01

Baked with Substance Designer

Zachary hixson wireframe 03

Topology could be better. It's a result of trying to match the high poly a little too closely. Gonna try for a much lower count next time. Hooray for learning!

Zachary hixson sketchfab shos 01

Painted with Substance Designer and Adobe Photoshop

Zachary hixson sketchfab shos 02

This was my submission to the May/June monthly environment and prop art challenge on Polycount.
There were several images to choose from, but I chose this hand painted book from those provided in the thread. The troubling thing about this book is that the back side was not provided, so I had to throw something together that fit the subject matter. Hopefully I succeeded!