Stein of Brewhalla

Stein of Brewhalla - GDC Beer Bust Challenge

Zachary hixson stein beauty shot
Zachary hixson paint graph

Painted with Substance Designer

Zachary hixson valkyrie stein progress 12

High Poly Stein

Zachary hixson valkyrie stein progress 07

High Poly Valkyrie

Zachary hixson valkyrie stein progress 04


Zachary hixson stein concepts

Hilariously simple concepting.

A stein for the warriors of Brewhalla. In order to be accepted into Brewhalla, one must drink from the stein. However, in order to drink from the stein, one must first be accepted into Brewhalla. What is a warrior to do?

(How do you even drink from this thing anyway?)

Created for Sketchfab's GDC Beerbust Challenge. My PC blew up and I finished this late, so I don't expect to qualify for judging. Still, it was fun to make and I wanted to make sure to see it through to the end.